I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. When I was young I would always draw women in fashionable clothing, which is still one of the characteristic features in my works. From the age of ten I would save up for Vogue magazines to collect images I loved and draw dresses I was inspired by. Later on, it was my fascination for different cultures and people that led me to go study cultures of Latin America where I got introduced to the different aspects of cultures in art,  literature, language and more. I complemented my studies with different courses with art collectives from the Art Academy. 

An ode to womanhood

My artworks are an ode to womanhood. As an introverted woman my art is my outlet. I use concepts such as femininity, fashion and beauty or history  and culture to translate and express what lives inside of me to empower myself and hopefully others. My works are figurative and show women in powerful movements or positions. I use female anatomic aspects but also techniques as sfumato or unpainted parts, to bring forth a message, a meaning. Nevertheless, the true meaning of art is in the eye of the beholder as Bucchianeri once said. 

Upcoming Exhibitions:
- Galeria Azur Berlin, Berlin Germany, April 2023
- ItsLiquid Group, Medina Art Gallery, Rome, Italy, July 2023
- European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Barcelona Spain,     -    Artio Art Gallery, August 2023
- Divulgarti, Galleria Cael, Milan, Italy, September 2023
- One Art Space, Artio Gallery, New York, USA, September 2023
- Paris International Contemporary Art Fair, Van Gogh Art Gallery,   September 2023
- UNA EXPO MILAN Fashion & Art Week, Milan, Italy, September 2023
- Paris Carroussel du Louvre, Artio Art Gallery, October 2023

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